Giotto Be-Be Egg

Giotto be-be is 100% safe, easy and fun for toddlers! If creativity knows no age, Giotto knows that every moment of life has different needs and that younger creators need more attention, so Giotto be-be was developed; a new line for colouring and modelling, a result of in-depth research and rigorous quality testing to ensure maximum safety and suitability for toddlers. Children are free to create without limits and parents feel reassured. In fact, all Giotto be-be products are safe, harmless, super washable, dermatologically tested, without moving parts and easy to grip. Much more than a toy! The Giotto be-be egg is a tool that stirs creativity and allows an easy, quick introduction to drawing. It is a delightful felt tip pen holder with wheels that is made from safe, certify ed materials. The child's hand fits perfectly in its ergonomic form and it leaves marks as it moves, sparking the child's visual curiosity.

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