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Looking for the ultimate construction toy for your children?

GraviTrax are both action-packed and educational, and they set your childs imagination free while teaching them about advanced concepts like magnetism, gravity, kinetic energy, as well as spatial intelligence.

Kids can assemble exciting transparent tracks to get their Gravity Spheres rolling and even experiment with obstacles like loops, tunnels, lifters, or trampolines (through expansion packs). They can either fall back on the blue prints that come with the starter set (they vary from simple through to complex - challenging even adult's brains to build :) or they can go freestyle to create their own GraviTrax layout as they learn what makes things tick. They can also control the speed of the Gravity Sphere by changing up the levels, tiles, and tracks. 

Designed for children aged 8 and up, they will definitely have something new to look forward to every time they break out their GraviTrax set! Let their mind run free and create!