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Happy Hopperz

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  1. Happy Hopperz - Pink Cow - Small
    Special Price $41.61 $59.95 You Save: $18.34
  2. Happy Hopperz – White Cow - Small
    Special Price $43.95 $59.95 You Save: $16.00
  3. Happy Hopperz - Gold Giraffe - Small
    Special Price $43.95 $59.95 You Save: $16.00
  4. Happy Hopperz - Turquoise Unicorn - Large
    Special Price $43.95 $59.95 You Save: $16.00
  5. Happy Hopperz - Green Dragon - Large
    Special Price $54.28 $70.95 You Save: $16.67
  6. Happy Hopperz - Purple Dino - Small
    Special Price $41.61 $59.95 You Save: $18.34
  7. Happy Hopperz - White Unicorn
    Special Price $45.00 $59.99 You Save: $14.99
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Happy Hopperz are the most adorable inflatable ride-along buddies on the block! Straight from the box, blow it up with the pump that comes along with it, and watch your little one’s eyes light up! You can choose from a wide range of designs – from star studded unicorns to bright, sunny giraffes – to help kids improve their strength and balance as well as strengthen their core muscles.

Happy Hopperz will keep wee ones 3 years and above busy both indoors and outdoors, especially when they’re super energetic! These ride along buddies are made to last from heavy duty, phthalate free PVC and are super easy to clean. Plus, they’re really comfortable to ride with the 4 wide, steady feet and the easy-to-grip horns/ears.

Oh, by the way - Happy Hopperz are available in a variety of sizes so that ALL the kiddos in the family can join in on the fun!