I'm Toy Melody Mix Pastel

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Explore a World of Sound with the pastel I'm Toy Melody Mix - 10 Musical Instruments in One

The I'm Toy Melody Mix is an all-in-one musical instrument that offers hours of fun for children. With a variety of 10 different instruments included, your little one will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of sounds and tones. The pastel colors of the Melody Mix make it an attractive and appealing option for children, and it's compact size makes it perfect for small spaces.

One of the standout features of the Melody Mix is the real xylophone that is included. Children will love playing this classic instrument and learning the basics of music through the use of different notes. The drum with a retractable handle is another great feature, as it allows children to experiment with different rhythms and beats. In addition to the xylophone and drum, the Melody Mix also includes tubular chimes, a triangle, and a cymbal. These instruments offer a unique and interesting sound that will captivate children's attention. The bell, maracas, castanet, double guiro, and a pair of rhythm sticks provide even more options for children to experiment with different sounds and styles of music.

The Melody Mix also comes with two strikers and one scraper, which can be used to create a variety of different sounds and effects. These additional instruments allow children to explore their creativity and express themselves musically.

In summary, the Melody Mix includes:

  • Xylophone
  • Drum with retractable handle
  • Tubular chimes
  • Triangle
  • Cymbal
  • Bell
  • Maracas
  • Castanet
  • Double guiro
  • Pair of rhythm sticks

The compact size of the Melody Mix makes it easy for children to handle and play. It's also easy to store and transport, making it perfect for taking on the go.

Whether it's for playtime at home or for a day out, the Melody Mix is a great option for children who love music.

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I'm Toy Melody Mix Pastel
Special Price $89.90 $132.00 You Save: $42.10
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