Kinderfeets Helmet Slate Blue

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The blue Kinderfeets toddler helmet is perfect for children using balance bikes, scooters, skates or skateboards.

With an Adjustable Fit Dial System and padded chin strap provide additional comfort while an ABS outer shell and EPS liner ensure child safety.

The Kinderfeets helmets are suitable for heads with a circumference of 46 to 52cm. To ensure a perfect fit, measure the circumference of your child’s head starting from the middle of the forehead and check that the measurement is within the 46-52cm range.

A correctly fitted helmet should sit snugly against a child’s head and provide even coverage on all sides including the forehead.

These are great quality toddler helmets that complement Kinderfeets and many other products well.


Fitting helmets:

To ensure a correct fit, check the helmet’s position in three locations:

  • Forehead The front of the helmet should sit about the width of two fingers above a child’s eyebrow. Ensure the helmet remains stable in this position by adjusting its rear fitting dial. Every Kinderfeets helmet comes with additional padding. If required apply this inside the helmet to ensure a stable fit.
  • Jaw line The helmet’s side straps should sit just below a child’s earlobes when tightened.
  • Chin The chinstrap buckle should be positioned about one finger width in from the edge of the chin. It should be tight enough to remain in place but not so tight as to distract or cause discomfort while riding.

All Kinderfeets helmets are tested and certified to Australian Standard AS/NZS 2063:2008.

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