Dinosaur Toys for Kids that love these prehistoric creatures

Dinosaur Toys for Kids that love these prehistoric creatures
So many kids love to play with Dinosaur toys and we have a great range available

Children world over LOVE Magformers - and why not? Magformers is the industry leader in magnetic toys for kids and believe that it's crucial for children to develop through creative play. From basic magnetic shape sets to complex shapes for advanced construction play, Magformers will set off your inquisitive child on the path to logical and mathematically oriented thinking.

Each Magformers piece is fitted with neodymium magnets - the strongest magnets in the world - that float freely in the encased plastic for guaranteed connectivity. Magformers ensures a long lasting and safe play experience by encapsulating the magnets with absolute security in sonic welded, BPA free HQABS plastic.

Your kids will be fascinated by the endless possibilities! And the real fun begins when they realise that they can create complex three-dimensional shapes with their favourite magnetic toy.

AgeInterestsNumber of piecesTypeSpecial features
MAGFORMERS Basic Construction Set3-5Construction14 pieces, 30 pieces varietiesStarter packGet creating with a Magformers starter pack! Includes basic shapes such as squares and triangles.
MAGFORMERS Basic Construction Set3-5Construction62 piecesStarter packIncludes 3 shapes - triangle, square and pentagon. Unlimited options for construction free play!
MAGFORMERS My First sets18 monthsConstruction20 piecesStarter packMagformers starter pack with squares and triangles. Perfect for a first Magformers set Contains an idea booklet.
MAGFORMERS Inspire Set3-5Construction30 piecesStarter packBeautiful transparent pieces in neon colours - teal, purple and pink!
Magformers Space Traveller Set3-5Space35 piecesStarter packIncludes 2 geometric shapes and a step-by-step idea booklet.
MAGFORMERS Super3-5Construction30 piecesStarter packBuild larger figures with this set - also compatible other Magformers sets.
MAGFORMERS My First Magformers Set 54 Pcs3-5Construction54 piecesIntermediateInclude 5 shapes (square, triangle, rectangle, diamond and trapezoid) and double sided cards with construction options and prompts. Vivid crayon coloured shapes compatible with other "My First" sets.
MAGFORMERS Vehicle WOW3-5Vehicles16 piecesIntermediateComes with basic square and triangle shapes + 2 sets of wheels. Also includes life-size flat lays - place the pieces on the 2D surface and bring them together to create 20+ 3D vehicles
MAGFORMERS Log House Set3-5Construction30 piecesIntermediateVivid crayon colour scheme | Compatible with other "My First" set pieces.
MAGFORMERS Neon LED Set3-5Construction31 piecesIntermediateComes with a cool LED block that glows in various colours! Includes neon-colored triangles and squares.
MAGFORMERS XL Cruisers3-5Vehicles32 piecesAdvancedIncludes 3 shapes - triangle, square and hexagon. All pieces have a silver rim characteristic of the XL series. Includes wheels.
MAGFORMERS Creator - Carnival Set3-5Construction46 piecesAdvancedIncludes 3 shapes (square, triangle, pentagon), Y shape supporter, hexagon supporter, fixing wheel, axis. Also includes a little boy piece and a little girl piece in a square so that children can include themselves in the scene.
MAGFORMERS Creator - Designer Set3-5Construction62 piecesAdvancedIncludes 5 transparent shapes (square, triangle, isoceles triangle, diamon and trapezoid) for advanced construction free play
MAGFORMERS Hi Tech - Walking Robot3-5Space45 piecesAdvancedOne of the most versatile sets from Magformers! Includes 7 shapes, robot head, robot feet, and body base. Also includes an idea booklet.
MAGFORMERS Walker Robot Car Set3-5Space + Vehicles45 piecesAdvancedCreate remote controlled cars AND robots - Transform finished cars into robots! Comes with 8 shapes, big + small wheels, an engine module, and an engine block.
Magformers Creative Set - 90 pcs3-5Construction90 piecesAdvancedThe ultimate builder - includes 13 geometric shapes. Build anything!
Magformers Space Episode3-5Space55 piecesAdvancedIncludes 13 geometric shapes, 1 engine module, engine caterpillers, wing connectors, and domes. Also comes with comes with astronaut and alien figures.
Magformers 707018 Rally Kart3-5Vehicles13 piecesAdvancedBuild your own race car! Includes 3 geometric shapes, a racer figurine, an engine module, wheels, and a remote controller
Magformers Power Construction Set3-5Vehicles47 piecesAdvancedBuild trucks, cranes and excavators! Includes 7 geometric shapes, a cool figurine, and other construction accessories.Compatible with ALL Magformers sets.
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Is your little one obsessed with dinosaurs after a recent trip to the museum? Dinosaur toys are a great way to encourage them to learn more about these pre-historic creatures that once dominated our planet.

Want to test their knowledge (and learn something new along the way)? Prompt them to break out their Dinosaur Match Up Game. Want to push the boundaries of their imagination? Watch how they navigate their trains through the fantasy landscape of the Dinosaur Train Set from Big Jigs. Prepping for a show-and-tell at school? They’ll love wowing their friends with the Melissa and Doug Dinosaur Friends Hand Puppets.

Explore our diverse range of dinosaur toys to nurture your little one’s special interest.