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We are happy to have you here and are excited to share our story with you.

Toy Fiesta is a family run Australian business with big dreams. We come from an educational background with a focus on educating students with special needs and know the importance of developing imagination and creativity, especially in the digital age.

Creativity, imagination, gross and fine motor skill are the foundation building blocks all children need to become successful learners and adults. As a young family ourselves, we quickly realised how difficult it is to find toys that we of high quality and reasonably priced. Therefore we stock toys that add value to your childrens lives, it must be fun to play (learn) with and of high quality.

Our Vision:

To be Australia’s best online toy shopping experience. 

Our Mission:

 We will allow our fellow parents and carers to conveniently access high quality skill-building toys using our website, and we will deliver their orders, conveniently, to their doors. 

Our Values:

Skill Building

We carefully select our toys based on their skill building value, fun, safety and high quality.


We value integrity, honesty and fairness internally, with our customers and with our vendors and suppliers.


We will have the long term good of the environment in our core criteria for toy selection.

Social responsibility

Our business will positively contribute to the communities it interacts with.

 We always love to hear from you. Whether it is a question, feedback or even a complaint, we would love to get in touch and sort it out for you. 

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Other company details: 
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