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CALAFANT | Creative Cardboard Craft Models | Level 3

Playtime creativity in XXL!

Level 3 models are large-scale dream worlds: Pirate ships or knight's castles for craft people with active imaginations. There are no prescribed lines or presents here – unleash your ideas and decide for yourself how you want to decorate your CALAFANTworld. Let your fairy tales, sagas and dreams come to life with large-scale models by CALAFANT

Available models are:
Tree House (38x41.5x57 cm), Doll's House (35.5x18.5x40 cm), Pirate Fortress (61x61x23 cm), Pony Farm (67.5x36x33.5), Indian Village (5 Tepees and 1 Totemstake - Tepees: 13x10.5x21.5 and Totemstake: 18x10.5x21.5 cm), Farm lvl3 (61.5x50x31 cm), Robot (39x22x52.5) and Pirate ship lvl3 (46.5x18.5x45.5 cm).

Calafant models are easy to build, fun to decorate and wonderful to play with – for any child. All Calafant models are designed in Germany and made of high-quality, recyclable cardboard. All pieces are pre-cut, pre-punched, and can be put together without glue or scissors using Calafant Easy-Lock-System.