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eeBoo Game - Ready Sets Go

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A game of observational and logical sorting skills for 1-4 players.

60 Cards Box Size: 20cm x 18cm Card Size: 10cm x 15cm Ages 3+

Objective: Collect the most sets. Shared elements may include: balls, bears, bugs, cats, dogs, instruments, hats, people or wheels. 

1. One player shuffles and deals 3 cards to each player. Cards are placed face up in front of each player. 

2. Youngest player goes first. Look to see if any of your cards make a set. If a set is found, announce the shared element. For example, you may announce, "I have three pigs", or "they are all playing an instrument". Remove any sets from your hand and put the cards aside in a separate pile - you will count this pile at the end of the game to determine the winner.

3. When you put aside a set, the dealer gives you 2 more cards and your turn ends. 

4. If a player cannot find a set or choose not to put down one yet, play passes on to the next player. 

5. After the first round, every player's turn begins by getting a new card from the dealer. 

6. When the last card has been dealt, each player then takes turns trying to make a set using any of the remaining cards on the table. 

7. When all possible sets have been made, players count their sets. Player with the most sets win!