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EverEarth Bamboo Dinosaurs - Collect All 5 & Save 15%

Included in package
  • Dino 2:
    1 x Bamboo T-Rex Dinosaur
  • Dino 3:
    1 x Bamboo Brachiosaurus Dinosaur
  • Dino 4:
    1 x Bamboo Stegosuars Dinosaur
  • Dino 5:
    1 x Bamboo Triceratops Dinosaur
  • Dino1:
    1 x Bamboo Velociraptor Dinosaur

Purchase all 5 EverEarth Bamboo dinosaurs and save 15%

With dino friends, your child can discover and recreate the world of the dinosaurs to his/her heart’s content. Our bamboo dino friends challenges your child’s creativity. Playing with the little dinosaurs also helps improve motor activity.


All EverEarth wooden toys are produced from 100% FSC certified Beech. EverEarth plush toys are all made of 100% GOTS certificated cotton from sustainable cultivation. Additionally all products are tested to strict European quality control EN71 standards so it is safe and durable for your child to play with. EverEarth attaches importance to only using sustainable resources, water based paints, recycled packaging, manufactured to the highest quality.

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