EverEarth Ramp Racer

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The EverEarth Ramp Racer is an award winning toy that fine tunes your little one's hand eye coordination.

Children love this classic ramp racer from EverEarth

The EverEarth Ramp Racer is an award winning toy that fine tunes your little one's hand eye coordination. Your active toddler will be happy to send these wee cars zooming down the ramps over and over again - get them engaged in fascinating repeat motion play!

The EverEarth Ramp Racer has a clean and colourful design that will look great in a play room or even in your living room. Your curious toddler will be entertained for hours while reinforcing their learning and developing their fine motor skills.

All EverEarth toys prompt kids to be environmentally responsible with toys crafted from FSC certified 100% sustainable wood.

Perfect for little ones aged 1-3 years.

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