GraviTrax Tunnels

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The GraviTrax Tunnel Track extends the Gravitrax's marble run system by adding the element of surprise to your setup.

The tunnels can be directly connected to the switch therefore spectators can not calculate where the ball will be next. With the tunnel system, the ball track has not only got roofed components for curves and straights, but also branches, two half loops and four new rails making it a great expansion set for your Gravitrax

  • This tunnel set includes:
    • 4 x tunnel curves
    • 2 x tunnel straight lines,
    • 2 x tunnel switches
    •  2 x vertical U-turns
    • 2 x Bernoulli rails
    • 1 x O-rail upwards
    • 1 x O-rail downwards and
    •  2 x catch baskets.

GraviTrax Starter-Set required.

 Ages: 8+

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