Le Toy Van Barbarossa Pirate Ship

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Ahoy, mateys! Get ready to set sail on a thrilling voyage with the Barbarossa Pirate Ship, an awe-inspiring wooden toy boat that's a treasure in its own right.

Crafted with precision and care, this pirate ship is a beacon of imaginative play, bringing to life the legends of the high seas.

Painted in a bold and striking black, the Barbarossa ship makes a grand statement. Its fabric sails billow as if caught in a strong sea breeze, adding a touch of realism to every pirate adventure. The ship proudly bears the classic pirate symbol - a skull and crossed swords - instilling a sense of daring and adventure in all who gaze upon it.

But the real magic lies in the abundance of playful features that this ship holds:

  • Two Wooden Pirates: Newly added crew members ready to embark on countless adventures.
  • A Crow's Nest: For spotting treasure or approaching ships from afar.
  • A 'Walk-the-Plank' Feature: For those moments of pirate justice.
  • Rigging: Adding a realistic touch and extra play possibilities.
  • A Wind-Up Anchor: To moor at mysterious islands.
  • A Deck Trap-Door: Leading to hidden compartments or for surprise attacks.
  • A Helm: For steering through stormy seas and finding hidden treasures.
  • A Rear Opening Stern: Providing easy access for little hands to delve into deep, imaginative play.

The craftsmanship of the Barbarossa Pirate Ship is unmatched. Made from durable, sustainably sourced wood, it's a toy that's not only built to last but also mindful of the planet. This plastic-free gem is more than a plaything; it's a nod to eco-friendly choices and sustainable fun.

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Le Toy Van Barbarossa Pirate Ship
Special Price $111.05 $120.00 You Save: $8.95
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