Le Toy Van Sweet Dreams Pram

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Vintage-style toy pram in pastel pink for baby’s dollies

Does your little one love snuggling up with their dolls and stuffies? Are they always planning elaborate tea parties in the backyard? If you nodded along, you know they’re inseparable from their dollies!

With the vintage-style toy pram from LeToyVan, your baby can take their babies everywhere. Whether they’re engaging in pretend play at home, going over for a play date at their friend’s house, or hanging out at the park, their dollies and stuffies can now travel in style, just like them.

This adorable retro-inspired play pram from LeToyVan has beautiful details like pink and white trimmings, a sturdy handle, and the snuggliest, fluffiest mattress. But what make it an absolute must-have are the true-to-life features such as a retractable hood and a changing bag. Plus, the pram is super easy to wheel around on 4 sturdy wheels that are reinforced with rubber tread for greater control.

Let the fun begin!

2018 Loved by Parents Gold Best Toy Design. 

Suitable for ages: 3+ years

Dimensions: W:460mm D:290mm H:525mm