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Magformers Creative Set - 90 pcs

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Winner of the prestigious Australian Toy Association’s Educational Toy of the Year Award 2016!

Magformers is a brain development tool, not just a toy!

Magformers consists of bright, colourful and fun educational shapes. Each piece contains encapsulated 360 degree rotating magnets that always rotate to attract to the magnet encapsulated in the next shape.

Magformers will help your child’s brain development, by allowing them to use, develop and improve (at least) eight essential forms of intelligence, intellect and skills:

1. Modelling: Magformers will develop your child’s modelling skills by allowing them to create an unlimited number of models, designs and figures using magnetic shapes that come in bright vivid colours.

2. Creativity: Magformers will enhance your child’s intelligence and creativity through his or her design and configuration of 3D shapes and models.

3. Scientific Thinking: Magformers will teach your child about the principles of magnetism, the principles behind the three dimensional world, as well as to develop spatial thinking.

4. Mathematical Thinking: Magformers will develop your child’s mathematical thinking by allowing them to better understand and utilise concepts of geometric shapes and space.

5. Curiosity: Magformers will effectively stimulate your child’s curiosity by providing satisfaction through creative play. Your child will start to recognise shapes in the real world and will develop a sense of curiosity regarding how those real structures can be constructed using Magformers!

6. Reasoning: Magformers will improve your child’s reasoning skills through the process of assembling planar figures into 3D shapes.

7. Imagination: Magformers will foster the infinite imagination of your child while they make 2D geometric shapes and unique 3D structures and models of their own choosing by connecting and assembling the colourful and attractive Magformers pieces!

8. Sensory Development: Magformers will improve fine motor skills through touching and combining pieces by hand.

With 90 pieces, consisting of 13 different shapes, including spherical shapes, you can create anything your imagination allows! 

This Magformers Creative Set contains 90 pieces and an Idea Booklet to get your child started!

Recommended age: 3+

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