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Peaceable Kingdom - Board Game - Cauldron Quest

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Work Your Magic. Break the Spell!

The evil wizard has cast a spell to destroy the kingdom! You have the power to create a potion to break the spell, but you must work together. Find the hidden ingredients before the wizard blocks all of the paths, and you win!

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  • Ages6+ 
  • Players2-4 
  • No ReadingRequired

Why Kids Love This

Anything can happen when the evil wizard is in charge. Kids love casting spells and swapping potion bottles to keep the game alive. While working together, players use strategy, and problem solving.


  • Strategy
  • Deduction, communication and cooperation
  • Evens and odds
  • Problem-solving


  • 2015 Parents' Choice Silver
  • 2015 NAPPA Silver Award

What is a Cooperative Game?

Unlike traditional games, Peaceable Kingdom cooperative games organically create community among the players. Kids learn to work together as a team in respectful and compassionate ways. They learn to share, make decisions together and trust one another, all while working towards a common purpose – defeating the game – while also having fun!

Cooperative games allow kids to experience inclusive play situations that build self-esteem and help shape emotional development. Kids get to play leader, follower and even peacemaker – sometimes all in the course of a single game. This kind of play helps kids build valuable life skills today so they can play well in the greater world tomorrow.