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Peaceable Kingdom - Board Game - The Memory Palace

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The Storytelling Game that Builds Memory and Imagination

Players explore their imaginations and test their memories while creating silly stories about 27 different animal tokens. Players share wacky stories as they place their tokens facedown in a room. Be careful, there are Memory Monsters lurking in the palace trying to confuse. Successfully remember where each animal is on the board without turning over a Memory Monster and everyone wins!

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Why Kids Love This?

Kids have fun creating silly stories and pushing their imaginations to the limits! Silly animals and colorful rooms of the palace keep kids engaged and their stories even sillier!


16 Palace tiles
27 Animal tokens
3 Memory Monster tokens


No Reading Required




2016 Parents' Choice-Recommended
2016 PAL Award
2016 PAL Award Top 10 Picks
What is a Cooperative Game?

Unlike traditional games, Peaceable Kingdom cooperative games organically create community among the players. Kids learn to work together as a team in respectful and compassionate ways. They learn to share, make decisions together and trust one another, all while working towards a common purpose – defeating the game – while also having fun!

Cooperative games allow kids to experience inclusive play situations that build self-esteem and help shape emotional development. Kids get to play leader, follower and even peacemaker – sometimes all in the course of a single game. This kind of play helps kids build valuable life skills today so they can play well in the greater world tomorrow.

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