Green Toys

Green Toys

Children love to role play, don't they? Plus, getting comfortable in and around a kitchen is a life skill that's best picked up early.

But that's not the only benefit of getting a play kitchen for your little one. Your imaginative child can get their friends together and engage in creative play to develop their social as well as problem solving skills. They can also tinker in the toy kitchen and hone their fine motor skills when handling smaller and more delicate objects.

Watch their eyes sparkle as they cook up a storm in their adorable mini kitchen. And here's a little bonus: their vocabulary also blooms and expands as they brainstorm what to prepare next!

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  1. Green Toys – Recycled Plastic Tea Set – 17 pieces
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  2. Green Toys – Chef Set
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  3. Green Toys - Cupcake Set
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  4. Green Toys - Dish Set
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Every day is Earth Day with Green Toys!

Green Toys is a California-based brand that specializes in sustainable creative-play toys for kids. Green Toys are committed to environmental change and all their products are made from 100% recycled milk jugs in their California and Chicago facilities! Green Toys believes in making play sets that encourage open-ended pretend play while being environmentally responsible and unquestionably safe.

Your kids will adore their cute and colourful play sets from Green Toys, and this is a great way to inculcate environmentally responsible habits in them as well!