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STRIDER 12" HARLEY-DAVIDSON balance bike | Orange

Strider aren't producing the Harley model now but have you thought about the Honda model?

Harely-Davidson Features:

  • Custom Harley-Davidson graphics
  • No-tool assembly and adjustment
  • Quick-release saddle & handlebar clamps
  • Mini-grip handlebar with safety pad
  • Ergonomically shaped padded saddle* 
  • Ages 18 Months to 5 years
  • Super Light Weight: 3.0kg
  • Durable U.S. Patented steel frame
  • Puncture-proof EVA polymer tyres
  • Engineered ultralight molded wheels
  • Max. rider weight: 27kg
  • Premium sealed cartridge wheel bearings
  • Launchpad Footrest with grip tape
  • Available in Orange

Now includes both standard and extra long seatposts to fit children of various heights.

Age 18 months - 5 years?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â
Seat height 28-41cm / 11-16in?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â
Handlebar height 46-56cm / 18-22in?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â
Maximum rider weight 27kg / 60lbs?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â
U.S patented, high performance design?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â
Simple 5 minute assembly?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â
60-day satisfaction guarantee?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â
Two-year warranty?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â
Flat-free EVA polymer tyres?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â
One-piece ultralight wheels?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â
Premium cartridge bearings?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â
Mini-saddle on 220mm seatpost?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â
Frame-integrated footrest?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â
No-tool adjustments ?ö?ú?Â
Mini-grip handlebars ?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â
Handlebar pad ?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â
Padded saddle ?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â
Extra-long seatpost (up to 48cm / 19in) ?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â?ö?ú?Â
Front number plate   ?ö?ú?Â
Aluminum alloy frame   ?ö?ú?Â
Weight3.0kg / 6.7lbs3.0kg / 6.7lbs3.0kg / 6.7lbs2.4kg / 5.3lbs
ColoursBL, GN, RD, PKBL, GN, RD, PK, OR, YE, BK Silver