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Strider 14" Sport - Blue with pedal kit

Quick Overview

For ages 3 to 7 years the Strider 14 sport is a great way to learn to ride and comes with a pedal kit for attaching when they're ready

The Strider 14x Sport will give your child confidence and riding skills, opening up a world of adventure at a young age. As two bikes in one, it sets a new standard as the best first pedal bike for children 3-7 and creates the foundation for instant success. After your child has mastered riding the 14x as a balance bike, your little rider is ready to pedal. Quickly attach the included Easy Ride Pedal Kit and watch your child seamlessly transition to riding a pedal bike and accomplish this life-changing milestone!

The Strider 14x  Designed to create confidence

  • The 14x Was Designed for a Proper Fit

Specifically designed for a child's proportions, shorter crank arms make pedalling easier. We also designed the 14x to fit better between the rider's hips. Its narrow design gives your child an easier and more powerful pedal stroke. A comfortable bike promotes instant success.

  • The 14x Grows with Your Child

The 14x is designed to grow with your child, which means it always fits. The 14x comes with fully adjustable seat and handlebars, and it seemlessly transitions from a balance bike to a pedal bike. This easy transition builds confidence, provides instant sucess, and means better value for parents.

The 14x is the Best Way to Teach Riding

The low centre of gravity gives your child complete control. Its low enough that it teaches children how to stride and pedal effecitvely, while allowing them to put their feet on the ground whenever he/she wants. The narrow pedals make striding to gain momentum and pedaling with confidence a breeze.

Strider 14x Specifications 

Rider Age: 3 to 7 years  

Weight – Bike without Pedal Kit 5.7kg   Bike with Pedal Kit 6.1kgs

Fits Inseam: 40-58 cm (16-23 in)  

Rider Heights: Approx. 95-125 cm (37-49 in)   

Seat Height: 38-55 cm (15-22 in)  

Maximum Rider Weight: 36kg (80lbs)  

Tyres: 14” x 1.75” All-Purpose Tyres            

Assembly: Bike is 85% assembled  

Brake: Hand Lever operated front and rear brake