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The WeDo Game Family Edition

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A collection of creative, innovative and fun activities for families to do, Together.

Alexandra and Dave are an Australian couple, who with their 6 year old daughter, have created The ToDo Game as a way to help families rediscover the elements of “together time” that in this technological age, many of us often overlook. 

Here is how they describe the game:

"We created the ToDo Game as a way to help families rediscover the elements of “together time” that, in this technological age, many of us often overlook. The game has been designed to encourage families to reconnect, spend more quality time together and have some good old fashioned fun free from smart phones, laptops and TV. There is an educational element woven throughout each of the activities, but the game primarily aims to encourage playfulness, creativity, imagination and importantly, the fostering of meaningful conversations between parents and their kids. You don’t need to be lucky or talented to succeed at The ToDo Game. There are no dice, and no right or wrong answers. It’s about having a go, learning, laughing and growing together. As a family."


"How you use The ToDo Game is completely up to you. We stored ours one the kitchen bench. On Monday nights we’d randomly draw out the game card – just like a lucky dip, then on Wednesday nights we’d play the game. We found that drawing the game card a few days in advance allowed us to plan ahead and source materials if needed. It also gave us time to tweak the game to suit our own circumstances. If its too hard to schedule in advance, keep the pack handy for a spontaneous game – sometimes they’re the most fun! Each game will last somewhere between 20 mins to hour or so. Remember, it’s quality bonding time you’re after. So make sure the whole family is 100% committed, with no distractions."