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Getting About Town Activity Set: Build, Play, Explore!

Venture into a world of imagination where little architects can design their very own bustling metropolis! Introducing the "Getting About Town" activity set, a canvas for kids to paint their urban adventures.

Dive into the Details:

  • Urban Essentials: This 21-piece set equips young city planners with road sections to complete a full circuit, 2 nifty cars to navigate the streets, 3 majestic buildings forming the skyline, and 3 lush trees adding a touch of green.
  • Size Matters: Boasting impressive dimensions, the tallest building reaches 23cm, while each verdant tree stands at a proud 10cm.
  • Craftsmanship: Roads, built from natural rubber and adorned with a resilient cork veneer, are designed for durability. The accompanying play pieces are masterfully crafted from wood varieties including New Zealand pine, plywood, and beech wood.

Skills and Thrills:

  • Social Butterflies: As kids navigate the streets, they're also navigating social interactions, honing skills like turn-taking, role-playing, and sparking delightful conversations.
  • Fine Motor Fun: Laying out roads, positioning buildings, and zooming cars around sharp bends - it's all a play-filled exercise for those tiny fingers.
  • Little Problem Solvers: Designing a city isn't just fun; it's a puzzle waiting to be solved. How best to lay out the roads? Where should the tallest building go? Challenges await!

So, rev up those engines, and let's build a city teeming with stories, adventures, and endless playtime possibilities!

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