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Miniland Doll Caucasian Girl 38 cm

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Miniland 38cm Caucasian Girl Doll

The Miniland 38cm Caucasian Girl doll is an anatomically correct doll with well-defined ethnicity. It is made from Phthalates-free vinyl, which feels soft and flexible to the touch.

The dolls have some wonderful qualities, helping the identification of a variety of ethnic groups and their racial qualities. The dolls are articulated and can help children to understand the concept of family, population groups, relationships and coexistence, as well as respect for all racial and sexual diversities.

  • Anatomically correct with well-defined ethnicity
  • Soft, flexible and safe to touch
  • Help children understand various relationships and respect for diversity
  • Lovely sweet vanilla smell

The Miniland Educational doll collections are an invaluable educational tool which encourage children to learn through play and discovery. The dolls come in an array of ethnicities which represent a wide range of countries and cultures.

We also have Miniland clothing available which is great for improving fine motor skills. They can be dressed up in the appropriate clothing for each country or culture. 

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